Saddle Demo

Finding the perfect bike saddle can be extremely difficult and frustrating.  There are so many different bicycle saddle shapes, sizes, levels of firmness, cutouts, and price points.  How do you choose?  

We want to help simplify this process and remove the frustration of finding a good saddle.  We carry a large selection of bicycle saddles from Fizik, SMP, Terry, ISM, Cobb, and Fabric that you can try before you buy.  

Here is how the SADDLE DEMO PROGRAM works:

  • Bring in your bike along with your cycling attire (cycling shorts, shoes, etc...)
  • We'll set your bike in a stationary trainer and let you try a few different bike saddles
  • Once you find a comfortable saddle, take it home for 7-10 days and try it on your next bike ride
  • If after a few days that saddle doesn't work, bring it back and try another
  • If the saddle does work, let us know and we'll order in the real thing for you to keep
  • The demo program requires a $75 non-refundable deposit that you apply towards the purchase of your new saddle once you find the perfect one